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Server Co-Location means putting your physical server on the internet for high bandwidth usage*, affordably. (* anything faster than modem or ISDN )



bulletThe server will have a constant connection to the internet 24 hours a day.
bulletFull network bandwidth cheaper than a dedicated T-1 of your own.
bulletWe can lease usage of a UPS for a nominal fee depending on power ratings required in kwatts.
bullet24 hour monitoring of the server status.
( pager notification available )
bulletDaily/Weekly backup tapes will be swapped for you as scheduled.
bulletOur Assistance and Knowledgeable Technical Aid
( available to help set-up and maintain your server if you desire. )
bulletPreferential Consulting Rates for any custom design consultations.
bulletSetup: $300.00
bulletMonthly: $200.00
*plus 2 cents / megabyte of bandwith usage per month over 2 Gigabytes of actual usage.
( That would require a lot of heavy traffic )



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