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Consulting - To share experience and wisdom within your realm of expertise.

Today the computer industry evolves in "dog years".  For every year that passes, it seems that seven years of progress are made technologically.  And to make the best possible decisions, the advice of someone who lives in the world of the technology is invaluable.  We are here to make your computer vision a well defined and cleanly implemented plan. 

Key Benefits

bulletAffordable solutions to your computer needs.
bulletWe work closely with companies to help evaluate your needs and create a plan that will grow with you, without breaking your budget.
bulletHonest answers.
bulletIf you manage to stump us, we'll find the right answer for you, without the expensive guess.
bulletWe know our solutions work because we've actually done them.  If your particular solutions means using "cutting edge technology" we know where the edge stops and the "bleeding edge technology" begins.  Staying current today and remembering the lessons of yesterday, means a better design for tomorrow.


bulletTCP/IP for the internet.  Ethernet, ISDN, Frame-Relay, Wireless, Satellite, VPN, IPSEC - We can handle them all.
bulletOperating Systems
bulletIf Microsoft made it, we can make it go.  If it's Mac, we can even get them to talk reliably in a Windows 2000 world.
bulletJust building a network is usually not enough.  Although a solid company policy is essential, it is not the magic solution.  We help users make the transition into effective use of shared resources and develop good habits preventing problems later.
bulletMuch overlooked and much regretted.  We understand how to answer the need for computer security today.
By understanding the systems and the skills of the hacking community, we can help secure your network against malicious or simply mischievous activity.

Reference Accounts

The Intern@tional Cafe

The first internet cafe in Sonoma county. We created the local ISP AccessPort's West Coast Lynx site from an empty room, and brought high speed internet access right into the cafe for public access.

Health Management Services

Our skills in hardware design, LAN implementation, Virtual Private Networking, Internet Routing, Migration from Novell to MS Windows, site security, resources management, and training all came into play on this job.  The final result, the whole system is up and running before the deadline and below budget.  And it's still operational.   All and all a challenging and worthwhile job.

The Denver Nuggets

This started as a simple courtesy advice call, but it turned out to be a major problem with a MS exchange server installation from ground level up.  We handled it over the phone, and THEY INSISTED on paying us for our time on the phone.  I feel that is one of the highest complements a customer can give a consultant.


We took over network management near startup for this cutting edge real estate MLS system development company.  We were instrumental in setting the standard of how the MLS industry defines servers, software, and the user experience today.  Our resources were used in the area of web and data server integration, firewall protection, performance optimization, and development system management. The company has since been bought by And during the ".com crash" was sold to Fidelity where it's foundation technology is alive and growing today.

Crocker Networking Solutions

One of our premiere contract relationships.  It's nearly impossible for a busy consulting firm to cover all of the issues.  They have a dynamic team for contracted service, and a training facility to boot.  Our role with them is the tough jobs that require an intuitive understanding of computer technology that few possess.  We are proud of that distinction and the relationship we have built with them.  We believe that there is such a thing as friendly competition that results in the best for all of our customers.

Pricing Schedule

Our rates are all billed hourly, and we our best to schedule work as to not interfere with your businesses daily operation.  Working after hours is something we do on a regular basis.  The breakdown of prices listed below is based on priority needed to answer your specific need.

+ expenses

These jobs are rare but when they happen, they are in response to needs that require us to rearrange our schedule to get to you in times of crisis.
+ expenses
(if applicable)
Base Rate 
When you have a problem and are looking to utilize the advantages of the Midnight Engineers to accelerate your project, this is where it begins.  When you are ready, we are here with the experience, flexibility, and expertise to assist you.
+ expenses
(if applicable)
Subcontract Us
Yes, we do perform subcontract work for other consulting firms.  We take jobs on a case by case basis and we are willing to build relationships with other consulting firms.  We feel that by working together we can make a variety of solutions available that otherwise would be very difficult to achieve.
+ expenses
(if applicable)
Longer Term Projects
If you have a major upgrade, installation, or lengthy project that you will be requiring assistance for, this is the plan.   The typical Long Term Project spans several weeks, months, even years.  Everything is negotiable, call and lets see what solution we can create together.
Phone Call Solution Sessions
Phone call tech support is available for answers to provide help once the primary job is done. 

Information Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

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Urgent, HELP!

Note, we do not support "e-mail marketing" and the only reason
we ask for your address is to respond to you on this request.
As psychic as we may seem, phone and e-mail are much more efficient.


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